Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sick Day

I'm taking my first official sick day and the best part is I'm not even sick!

There are a few things in life that come before work on my list of priorities.... (okay let's be serious my "More important than work list" is pretty damn long. As it should be, right?)

Tomorrow I'll be heading to Jackson Hole.

In ode to my skipping work I want to include a snipit of a book I've been reading recently, and that was highly recommended to me by my cousins Andy and Shawn. The book is titled "Legends Legacy", by Mike Gaddis.

"... suddenly it was July. For grown-ups there was little escape. Maybe a few stolen moments under the shade of a maple tree, but there was livelihood to be won and always a thing to be done... One of the blessings of boyhood was freedom from such convention. We promptly stripped to cut-off pants, less when out of sight, and relegated hard soled shoes to the hall closet. For us the curtain was rising on another joyous season, and we answered it almost instinctively."

This is a picture of my Oldest sister Lisa and me answering the call of summer instinctively...

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Lisa Lou said...

Who's butt cheek is that? I swear I'm not that chubby.