Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy B Day To My Best Friend, and My Attempt At Baking

We are finally the same age! This girl makes me happier than I have ever been. She's the best example of kindness, smiling, and fun that you could ever imagine.

So when she said she wanted a chocolate cake for her B-day I decided I better do my best to get it done.

How hard could it be right? Well it turned out to be damn Hard!

I immediately thought of this cake, that I found on my, gourmet cook, sister's blog.

Well two days, lots of curse words, three times the amount of frosting to patch all the holes, and a dozen phone calls to my sister later we had this!
J shares her B-day cakes with her twin brother who is pretty cool too!

Doesn't quite look like my master chef sister's cake, but I thought it was pretty good for a first time cake baker.

Special thanks to my big sister for listening to me rant and curse on the phone for two days.