Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy B Day To My Best Friend, and My Attempt At Baking

We are finally the same age! This girl makes me happier than I have ever been. She's the best example of kindness, smiling, and fun that you could ever imagine.

So when she said she wanted a chocolate cake for her B-day I decided I better do my best to get it done.

How hard could it be right? Well it turned out to be damn Hard!

I immediately thought of this cake, that I found on my, gourmet cook, sister's blog.

Well two days, lots of curse words, three times the amount of frosting to patch all the holes, and a dozen phone calls to my sister later we had this!
J shares her B-day cakes with her twin brother who is pretty cool too!

Doesn't quite look like my master chef sister's cake, but I thought it was pretty good for a first time cake baker.

Special thanks to my big sister for listening to me rant and curse on the phone for two days.


Hollie said...

Good job! That cake looks just like the two I have attempted from Lisa's recipe too. I sort of consider myself a good cook too, and mine looked just like that. Double the frosting and lopsided..both times. It is a good thing it tastes yummy or it would be a total flop, huh? Tell Jessica Happy Birthday from us. Love your guts! Hollie

Lisa said...

Way to go Eric!! It looks awesome for a first time cake maker. You should have seen the first layer cakes I ever made. They seem so easy, but deep down inside they intimidate, and demean you. You did great and Jess said it tasted awesome!! Brownie points buddy! That's all you needed!

Katie said...

Eric, way to go! Most guys would just buy a birthday cake so you went above and beyond. You are awesome! Tell Jessica happy birthday from us too! We love her! We love you too!