Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Hunting Rig

Apology to all my hunter readers, lately my blog has looked like a, "fun date ideas" blog, but today I'm sharing some pics of my newest purchase. It should haul me and the dog on many adventures.

It isn't new, but it is to me. A 1994 Toyota extended cab with a V6. Story has it that this 15 year old truck only got driven once a week, by an old guy who only drove it to the store and back. Hence the truck only has 52,000 miles. I got a sweet deal on it and sold my car the same day.

Making the switch from my car to this truck was a smart choice. Especially since my previous car was German made and I felt like I was donating my left testicle every time I had to pay the repair bill. So here is to keeping my left testicle!


Andrew Campbell said...

Congratulations, Eric! Should still be 150K miles left on that puppy. And anything that saves you donating your soft and tender parts is a good thing.

Have fun!

susan said...

Your dear SIL had a 4WD '92 Toyota truck at the end of high school until I left on my mission. I drove that puppy past 200 miles. Though I said I would strip naked and run around it the moment it clicked over into the 200's the monumental mile passed uneventfully without me even noticing. It drove that well.

You have many more miles to go!

As an aside my truck, though more of a fire red, lovingly went by the name of The Red Rocket. Its something to consider.

Lauren said...

what is your "pervious" car? sounds scary..... ;)

nana said...

Eric: You are such a smart guy. It usually takes getting in to a lot of debt before young people realize that a car is just transportation!!! You are ahead of the game. I love your truck. It can haul you and Lady on many a trek. Oh, there might just be room for one more person. LOVE ya