Thursday, October 8, 2009


Saturday was one of the worst days. My horse, Echo, that I raised and trained since he was born, eleven years ago, died. Echo was a horse with personality and was in his prime. Not many horses actually want to be ridden, but Echo did.

When we were together in the mountains there was a connection, peace, and understanding between the two of us that cannot be explained.

I have never felt so free at anytime in my life than I did when I rode on the back of Echo. I hope heaven has a place for a good horse.


Terry Scoville said...

I am so sorry to hear of Echo's early departure. Rest assured there's a special place for him in heaven. He'll be keeping a watchful eye on you, and the times you shared will stay in your heart forever.

Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...

Eric...I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your horse!

Andrew Campbell said...

Eric: I am incredibly sorry for your loss. I can only imagine what it's like to lose a friend like that.

Best wishes and prayers

Mark said...

I lost a bird dog back in the spring with whom I had similar relationship. Hard to explain to people who've never experienced it. I'm not sure why, but the day he died I wasn't full of grief. Instead I just kept thinking about how lucky I'd been to have him as long as I did. I can't imagine what those years would have been like if he hadn't been a part of them.

Hope you'll feel the same way about Echo.

Eric G said...


I was definitely sad, but i really did feel the same way you described. I felt extremely lucky for all the great times we had together. The grief is worth the good times!

Thanks to everyone and their concern.

JustJon said...

Sad day. I'm sorry Eric.

nana said...

So sorry Eric. I am convinced God is a cowboy! He'll take good care of him.