Thursday, October 15, 2009

North Dakota Day 2

Every day we hunt Lady does fantastic, today was no exception. Point after point after point. The weather was a tad bit warmer and the birds were running on us. Lady did wonderous at locating birds and relocating birds after they would scoot on us. We must have had close to thirty points.

It took us a little longer to get all our birds, I guess our shooting luck wore off a bit. We also let a lot birds fly so we could keep hunting and working the dog longer. I limited out first so I became the camera man.

Below are some pics of two of my favorites, Dad and Lady.

Look at Dad's smile and tell me he doesn't just love it!

p.s. I have a confession to make. The only thing that could make this trip more perfect is if my fiance J were here. I really miss her.


Andy W. said...


I believe it was you who wrote that when you're hunting, you don't think about girls! What happened? Just joking. Actually, going hunting makes me appreciate my wife even more. Glad you and Uncle Rod are having a good time.


danontherock said...

Nice pictures. When I get home I appreciate my wife and daughter all the more

Robbie Wayment said...

I love the picture with you and your dad! Sounds like a great trip!