Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Montana on the mind!

"Damn it Eric! Hunting again?"  Those were my mothers exact words when I told her I was going on another hunting trip.  It is a little bit easier to tell her I am going hunting again, over the phone.  It was a lot more difficult in person, because in person she can give me the look!  She seems to think college students should attend class.  She still worries like you wouldn't believe.  You have to love mothers, they are great!  What would life be without someone to worry about us hunters?

It should be great.  Last Saturday my best friend Landon invited me to go on a pheasant hunting trip to Montana with his dad, him, and an old neighbor of ours.  Should be great.  I have never been to Montana bird hunting, I've just read about it in magazines and blogs.  Kind of a dream come true for me.

I bought a couple boxes of shells and got a new center bead put on my shotgun so I should be all ready.  My GSP/ Brittany mutt Lady is really excited too.  Landon's GSP is my dog Lady's mother.  So This is kind of a family outing.  If I can i'll try to keep everyone posted, with pictures and stories of the happenings during the expedition as they unfold (if the motels have wireless) .  We should be hunting Thursday morning.


Andrew M. Wayment said...


Your mom sounds just like my mom! And you know where they got that from? Grandma Barker! Welcome to blogger land! Can't wait to hear about your hunting adventures. We need to get together.

Your counsin,


Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...


I know that "LOOK"! I've been thinking about the definition of a "Grouse Hippy"...it's a person that would give up fame, fortune, love, responsibility, respectibility, etc, etc, etc to chase birds with their bird dogs! I fit that definition to a tee...good or bad, I'm not sure!

Good to see your blog! We're definately cousins!

Come out here to CO and we''ll chase birds in Kansas!

I'll be watching your blog!!!


Mntmaniac said...

Eric...welcome to blog land! Shawn I was thinking Bird Bum or Bird Gypsy, however, Hun Hippy has a catchy sound to it...we could go on and on...


Mntmaniac said...

E...where will you guys be hunting in Montana?