Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Addicted or Committed?

Classes missed: 2 weeks of classroom missed
Days afield hunting: One month (give or take a day or two that I forgot to add)
Miles put on trucks: 7,000
Dollars spent on Licenses: $632.00 (now I know why I don't ever have money for text books)
Money spent all together: I don't know where to start, suffice us to say a lot.

This afternoon I tried to figure out what my addiction looks like in numbers because last week I was on a date, with a cute girl. We were on a ride up the canyon. As we winded our way we chatted about life and some of our hobbies. She likes camping, loves to go fishing with her dad, and even has a few horses that she rides once in awhile. "I thought great! A girl that appreciates the outdoors." She also asked what I like to do?

I replied that "I love all of those activities." But I had one more to add to the list, hunting! I asked if she had ever been hunting she said "no, but I'm not opposed to it". She then asked me "what do you hunt?".

I went through the list as my head recalled the past fall, chronologically. I told her about my Cow Elk hunt in early September in the high country of Wyoming. I told her about grouse hunting the pines in September. Then I told her about the Utah mule deer hunt in October. I couldn't forget our annual pheasant hunt in Montana every October. And in November my Dad and I have our annual South Dakota pheasant hunt. Oh and when the snow starts to come we head for the west desert to chase chukars for a couple months. Oh and I also mentioned that my Cousin Andy and I tried to go on a January Quail hunt, but our car broke down.

Wow, I was out of breath.

At that precise moment I noticed the scared look in her eyes. I interpreted the look in her eyes as "I feel bad for your future wife!". Then it occurred to me that I am a total addict.

Since adding up my hunting addiction, I didn't dare add up my fly fishing trips, the days I spend training my dog, my horse pack trips, all the other camping trips, skiing, water skiing, and the days I spend day dreaming about doing all of this outside stuff!

I am grateful for a good and flexible job to keep my addiction going. Oh and a special "shout out" to all my professors that believed I had work commitments. Sometimes hunting is work, and I am committed.

Here are a few pictures of the past year. It was a great one!

This is a past deer camp when it snowed on us, but it was also our elk camp in early September. (just imagine no snow)

The montana wheat stubble. Below a Big Sky Sunset.

The South Dakota Blizzard. Dad and I never told mom we got her truck stuck.


Lisa Lou said...

Eric you're the best. I sure hope some girl will put up with that. If she loves you, she'll love what you do. Love ya, Lisa

Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...

Eric...keep looking! There are plenty of gals out there that will hunt with you, or at least understand your addiction! Karen knows that when it's bird hunting season, I'm going to chase the dogs! I do anything she wants the other 5 or 6 months of the year...that's a good compromise!

When do you want to go to KS? Let's start planning!

Marc said...

Son of a gun! I knew you hunted but not THAT much. I guess we all have our passions though. I can see the poor girl's face now. You never had a chance.

You might want to wait 'til date number 3 or 4 to spring the "Guston" routine on her.

Deer Passion said...

Poor girl! Someday you'll find someone to share your obsessions with.. and hopefully she'll be cute too! lol.. Love the deer camp pic! :)

Eric G said...

Thanks for all the good wishes and advice on finding a girl that will put up with me ha ha ha. I hope she is cute too.


Anonymous said...

You have to do what you love and there are much worse addictions. Keep being true to yourself and you'll find the right woman for you.

Jessica Rau said...

Ok, ok kids... A word in defense of this lovely young woman. From the sound of things (not that I would know) this is a pretty outdoorsy, adventurous, dare I even say super cool, supportive girl we're talking about here. Did anyone even stop to consider that this look of terror may have actually been due to Eric's endearing habit of taking his hands off the wheel and screaming EVERY time he goes through the canyon???
Love, a Cute Girl.

Hollie said...

Holy cow! Just a little moderation. Hunting/golfing, I think they are both a little time consuming, and as long as you don't do both a marriage can survive. It would be best if she enjoys eating wild game and going along on the hunts as well. Love your guts!

Andrew M. Wayment said...


My advice is to get in as much hunting and fishing as you can before you put on the ball and chain, . . . or you could find and marry an awesome gal (like Kristin) who will put up with you when you get that half-crazed look in your eyes like you will just explode if you don't go hunting or fishing that very instant (good luck with that!). I too suffer from this addiction and I love it. I'm so glad Kristin puts up with me.