Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Outside

As I wriggled my way out of bed friday morning I had my usual happy to be alive face (Fridays I don't have classes, hence the happy to be alive face). As I opened my blinds it was revealed that I should not go to work and my happy to be alive face got even brighter. The ground was dusted in snow, the sun was shining, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Mountains, upland fields, and trout streams have a way of keeping me from attending class, going to work, and pretty much everything else society tells me I am supposed to do. I have come to the conclusion that anytime spent in the mountains is time well wasted. By time well wasted I mean it makes me that much more productive when I return to society.

Friday morning I made the few phone calls that I couldn't put off till monday. Then I was off to the hills for a day of Alpine Skiing at Beaver Mountain. What a gorgeous day. I skied right onto the lift every run, the powder I found was a little tracked up but it was still invigorating. There is nothing like a day outside, just my Ipod and me.

Here is a picture taken a few weeks back with my nephew Jed and my niece Emma.

Saturday was almost as fun. A group of friends and I headed to the Southern end of Cache valley to Hardware Ranch. Hardware ranch is a feeding ground for elk. This winter they are feeding about 600 elk. I recommend this outing for everybody, especially those of you with little kids. It costs five dollars and they take you on a horse drawn sleigh ride through the herd of elk as they feed. They started this program to keep the elk from going all the way into cache valley and eating at the farmers hay stacks. The ranch is located fifteen miles up Blacksmith Fork Canyon. It was an awesome drive, we saw deer, a moose, the elk at the ranch, and a couple of turkeys on the way home. All in all it was a great weekend in the cold Utah outdoors.

This picture is of my friend Jessica and me checking out the elk.

In ending I want to thank everyone who has remembered my Nephew Andrew in their prayers. It has been working! Thanks!


Patrick said...

Nice blog!!

Andrew M. Wayment said...


You're right . . . doing anything in the outdoors during the winters is a good thing. I went snowboarding with Emma last Wednesday and it was a blast! Also, I have been fishing three times this month. All of this has made my February fly by.


Lisa Lou said...

Eric we missed you Sat. The Beav was great. Crowded, but fun. Next week we're planning on getting there early, frying up some burgers and hotdogs, and having a great time.

Deer Passion said...

Hey Eric, Thanks for the kind words! Looking forward to reading more from you!