Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dream Girl!

It all started when I read this article and saw this picture.

The other thing that had me thinking about this topic was my Cousin Andy's post titled "Dream Crushers".

After reading the above two articles I was driving with my friend and I thought it would be interesting to get her opinions on a few things. The conversation started something like this, "Tell me if you think I'm crazy or asking too much?"

As we chatted I joked about a contract I want to ask my future wife to sign before we seal the deal. I hope you enjoy it. It is okay if you laugh uncontrollably, everyone else I told did.

1. I don't want a big house.
2. I don't want a big yard. (Things I enjoy more than yard work: I would rather be hunting, fishing, or water skiing.)
2. I want to spend our money on family vacations. (FYI vacations generally include a beach, a boat, or water of some sort.)
3. We will own horses and keep the cowboy traditions running.
4. A boat for water skiing.
5. Always keep a bird dog around.
6. HUNTING: Originally I thought I wanted four days in September, four days in October, and four days in November for hunting. A total of twelve days out of town and no limit on day trips. (But then I thought I would ask for twenty days out of town so if it gets down to a negotiation I have some wiggle room. Pretty smart right?)

My friend laughed and wished me luck on the hunting part of the contract.

If you know any girls like the one in the picture above and that will sign this contract send them my way! Also if you think I need to add anything to my contract let me know.


Andrew Campbell said...


Looks good. You need more than one bird-dog, though. There should probably be something about the number of guns that's 'enough' in there, too. And a regular 'new truck' replacement plan.


Andy W. said...


Hope you find what you're looking for! There may be a girl out there who will want you to stay home with the kids while she goes hunting or fishing. How will your contract address that?


The Morrison Fam said...

Hmmmm.....I will keep my eye open. You must put in there that all of these things cannot change after marriage. I will let you in on a little secret.....a lot of women will pretent to be into these things pre-marriage but post marriage is a different story. Sh....dont tell anyone I said that!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Good luck!


Lauren said...

lol. i'm sick about that picture. good luck with your adventures.... you'll find her someday

High Mountain Horse said...

You don't have to publish this comment, I just wanted to write to thank you for reading and writing and cheering me on in the horse blog thing. I really apprecaite it. Enjoy your blog - my husband got a kick out of the picture of your ideal girl. Don't give up. She's there. (Hopefully it won't take you as long to find the right one - my husaband was 45 and still single when I met him. Lucky me.) Oh, and I got a good Eukanuba "cure all" story too, I'll share that another time, but enjoyed reading that.
Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

It isn't a bad thing to know what you want. You just have to remember that "dream" girl might have some wants of her own.

Eric G said...

Thanks to all of you who commented on this post. It was meant to make you laugh!

Andy C, I liked the truck and gun addition.

Andy W, I think a woman that liked to hunt and fish would definitely be a plus.

Emmi, Your a pretty good wife, moving to the ranch and all.

Lauren and Lauran, thanks for the good luck wishes.

Scolopax said...

Hi Eric,

The trick - if indeed there is one; is to find a Women who want's to share your passions with you. Not one who allows you to spend a few days a month, indulging them. That way - you don't need a contract!. When you ride - she rides with you. When you hunt - she hunts to!. She will run your bird dogs with the same love that you do!.

Not possible?. It is!. It took me 40 years to find my perfect Woman - but it was worth every second of searching.

Great website Eric. Keep it up.