Thursday, April 2, 2009

City Slickers 3!

I grew up on the back of a horse, but I've always considered myself more of a mountain man than a cowboy. I can pack a string of mules, I can gut and quarter an elk and pack it out, I have even trained my fare share of colts.

Some of my first memories are of my Dad and I horse packing into wilderness areas and fishing for brook trout. When I was seventeen I actually worked for an outfitter near Jackson Hole, Wyoming taking people on these wilderness adventures. But when it comes to cows my experience is pretty limited.

At age fifteen I bought two steers at the Weber County Livestock Auction without letting my parents know (that is a story for another day), because I thought to be a true cowboy I needed to have cows. Aside from that, my cow experience is still pretty limited. I can't rope, I can't steer wrestle, and other than eating steak occasionally I don't know much about cows.
That is going to change tomorrow. My buddy Landon and I are heading for the high Utah desert near Price, Utah to help a family friend round up his herd of cattle. We are pretty ecstatic! I'll take some pictures and report on how it goes! "Getty up!"


Andrew Campbell said...

uhh, Eric... yeah, when I think of a city slicker, a guy who can rig a string of mules to pack out his elk immediately comes to mind. there'll be pictures of me on a horse on my blog in the next week or so, I imagine. try not to laugh -- i'm doing the best I can!

but I can tell you where to buy in replacement snaffle bit in Manhattan and how to navigate there on the subway. or where to find some delicious venison tenderloin on the Upper East Side.

I think I may even have seen Billy Crystal on the street.

have fun out there.

Eric G said...


After your comment i have decided that i'm not quite the full blown Billy Crystal city slicker! ha ha ha Thanks for the comment.


The Morrison Fam said...

Hey, in a couple months you will be able to come to North NV and do all that stuff!