Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Saturday With My Favorite People

This past weekend was a blast. Some of my nephews and nieces came down to visit my parents. On Saturday afternoon we saddled up the horses and rode around Grandpa's farm. Hope you enjoy the pics!

Below: I have a serious teacher face hu?


Lisa Lou said...

Where did those cute kids come from? Thanks for taking them. They had a riot. Hey- Sunday dinner at my house with ma and pa and granny and you. 5:00pm and we'll have something very delicious. Any suggestions?

ps 32 visitors yesterday!

Spencer said...

Our Favorite People!! I like your post it's great a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Eric before you know it all those smiling faces looking at you in your pictures are going to be your kids!

Eric G said...


YIKES! I have to find a girl to put up with me before that happens! Then I still need a few years!

The Morrison Fam said...

Awww...I wish I had an uncle like you! What a fun day! Oh, and no rush on the kids, they will show up soon enough! :) Hows the dating scene? Any prospects? Actually, dont answer that, I hope you are just having fun and enjoying being you! Loves!