Friday, March 20, 2009

Love My Aggies!

When people ask me why I attend Utah State I always reply "The basketball games in the Spectrum." In my two years I have yet to see them lose at home.

There were a few tears shed in Northern Utah today. I am not a sports writer, but today I am giving it a shot. Utah State Aggies played a great game against Marquette, but ultimately ended with a loss. Final score 58-57 Marquette.

This is my weak attempt at sports writing. I think I'll stick with hunting.


Lisa Lou said...

I watched!! It was intense and dang it I thought they had it. I heard a huge Awe!!! as the buzzer rang that shook Cache Valley. They did a great job. Maybe we should have gone.

Marcus Maw said...

Eric- can you believe they lost?! I almost couldn't watch it...but I did. I thought they had it! All us Aggie fans should have made the road trip, stayed with Hollie and had a great time watching the game. I love checking out your blog. Hope all is well. Lindi..your cousin :)

Andy W. said...

Don't quit your day job! JJ.

Lauren said...

I like how your sports writing career consisted of one sentence.. really valiant effort ;)

just kidding. i loved it.