Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who reads your blog?

Personality, Is what this girl has. I went out with a girl on a second date a few weeks ago. We were eating dinner, laughing and having a good time just talking.

There are some pretty typical questions you ask on the first couple dates.

As we ate I asked, "What was your favorite vacation that you have ever been on?"

I completely expected to hear Disney Land or something similar, but much to my surprise she replied, "Actually this one time my family took our dogs to Yellowstone hunting...".

I didn't get it for about thirty seconds then it hit me, she had found my blog. Apparently I blog a lot about traveling with my dog Lady. I laughed pretty hard and in fact I am still laughing about it.

Next time you think no one reads your blog, your probably wrong! It is amazing what you can find just by googling a name.


Ben G. said...

Hey Eric- I know what you mean I was talking to a couple of buddies the other day and they started asking me questions about my blog, and I was so supprised. After me asking I found out they check it out very often. It made my day!

Deer Passion said...

So true.. It amazes me who mentions something about my blog and I had no idea that they even knew I had one! But that also makes me more careful in what I write.. I don't want to offend anyone that I personally know!

The Morrison Fam said...

Ha ha ha.....That is pretty good. Love and miss ya, and Matt says hello! Get your butt out here and visit! Its not quite Hawaii, but hell, we got pretty sunsets and lots of interesting trailer parks!