Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm Rich

Times are constantly changing and the America of today is a scary one to be a college student in. I will be graduating in the next twelve months and the job outlook freaks me out. I've attended job fairs at my University in past years and they were vibrant with exciting companies looking for future employees. This year on the other hand it was slim pickings to say the least.

On the bright side, as a college student I'm doing great. I still have a job that I make decent money at. I was able to save enough money to buy a plane ticket to Costa Rica for spring break. Driving has become a lot easier since gas prices have dropped. In reality as a college student things have just become more affordable, so long as I keep my job.

It is the future that college students worry about. CNN and other news media don't help either. The woes just seem to keep coming. On Monday I was busy with school and work, but the future was on my mind causing stress.

I did what I always do to get over my depression, Lady and I went on a jaunt through the hills. Nothing clears my mind of troubles faster than watching in pure amazement as Lady races across the sagebrush hillsides. That is when it hit me, wealth isn't about money it is about relationships and the pure enjoyment of life.

I believe a man could have all the money on earth and still be completely unhappy.

Abraham Lincoln said, “Most folks are about as happy as they make their minds up to be”

One my favorite people, the late Joseph B. Wirthlin said this about happiness in a talk titled Lessons Learned in the Journey of Life.

"It is a terrible thing always to be waiting for tomorrow, always depending on tomorrow, always excusing our todays because we are sure that only in the future will we possess the things that will fulfill us. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Don’t wait for the right job, the right house, the right salary, the right dress size. Be happy today. Be happy now...Make up your mind to be happy—even when you don’t have money, even when you don’t have a clear complexion, even when you don’t have the Nobel Prize. Some of the happiest people I know have none of these things the world insists are necessary for satisfaction and joy. Why are they happy? I suppose it is because they don’t listen very well. Or they listen too well—to the things their hearts tell them. They glory in the beauty of the earth. They glory in the rivers and the canyons and the call of the meadowlark. They glory in the love of their families, the stumbling steps of a toddler, the wise and tender smile of the elderly."

I'm sick of these economic blues. Today I decided that I am the richest man alive. Not because I have money, I live paycheck to paycheck, but because I have everything I need to be happy today.


Deer Passion said...

This is a wonderful post and so full of honesty and sincerity. Happiness is definitely a mindset! :)

Andrew M. Wayment said...

Loved it! I totally agree. As you know, "Men are that they might have joy," and I believe that the "might" depends on whether we choose affirmatively to be happy and to find joy.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. I love that quote. Can't believe I haven't seen it before.

It's so true, you're as happy as you decide to be. Even if tough times you can be positive and happy if you choose to be so.

Doug said...

It takes most people a lot longer than you to realize what is really important. Great post!


Harris' Hawk Blog

SimplyOutdoors said...

What a great post.

I am one of those "tomorrow" people. I constantly look towards the future, and how cool it will be then.

In that regard, and because of my nature, this post was great. Life is great, and taking the time each day to enjoy it is what truly makes us happy.

Dale Hernden said...

Congratulations on your new found wealth. You are are wise young man indeed.

Spencer said...

Hey my buddy,

You said it my friend! I think you did a great job on this one! I"m proud of ya! I agree one hundred percent! We all chose our own mindset and decided our attitudes and out looks on life!! WEll done!

Jesse & Amanda said...

Eric!! Love the post.. It's nice to be reminded what is really important in life! :) Thanks for the advertisement for liquidvisionfilms!! -Amanda