Monday, March 23, 2009

Fall Dreaming!

This post is a shout out to all of you, who like me are already wasting precious work, church, and school hours day dreaming of next fall.

I am passionate about Mule Deer hunting. Not as passionate as I am about upland bird hunting, but it is definitely a close second. I haven't harvested a deer in over four years, so I am hoping that this is the year of the Mule deer. Northern Utah has suffered the past couple years from some pretty severe winters and it has really taken a toll on the population. Last year I chose to pass up some smaller bucks in hopes that they would grow into the buck of my dreams.

We have a motto it is a pretty simple statement, but it packs a big punch. "If you want to shoot big bucks don't shoot little bucks!"

Between now and then I'm already loosing sleep over the bucks I might see during the September muzzleloader hunt.

These pictures are from a hunt that we didn't harvest a buck. These pictures also illustrate why we now hunt the September muzzleloader hunt, we almost froze to death in the back country in 2007.


Lisa Lou said...

Get out of town. What about all the Bear Lake time, and Hyrum Dam time, and Jackson Lake time. We have plenty to do in between now and Fall. My heck I can't even think of Fall without wanting to cry. I realize you are a different kind of fellow though, and that's why I love you!

Eric G said...

Lisa thanks for the note! I will dedicate my next post to summer! I am ecstatic about all the time we will be spending on the boat at the lake.
I think it is this crazy Cache valley weather that reminds me of the fall.

Ben G. said...

I am the same with White tail here in MN alway dreaming about the big one.

Mntmaniac said...

Guilty here as well....can't help it!

wandering owl said...

That IS beautiful country that you get to dream about!