Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eukanuba or Oatmeal!

My post "Dreaming Pink" caused quite an uproar. Somehow my post made it all the way to Eukanuba, which I thought was pretty cool. I'm not sure how it made it there, but thanks to whoever sent it their way.

Eukanuba responded with a comment, "You are dead on about Lady's scenting ability on Eukanuba. We did a study in 2000 that confirmed hunting dogs get 55% more finds throughout the season on the pink bag." (Elliott-at Eukanuba)

My dad loved it and asked me to ask everyone at Eukanuba to let him know when Eukanuba is coming out with a breakfast cereal?

My friend Marisa said, "Dog food?" I think she unsubscribed. I guess she thought I should be blogging about the latest pop stars.

My sister Lisa blogged about it on her food blog, Clawson Live. She has a sweet recipe for oatmeal at the end of the post.

Lady on the other hand is just happy we have decided to feed her Eukanuba year round.

Did I mention her coat gets softer and she smells better when we feed her Eukanuba? All you bird dog folks should try it.


Ben G. said...

Way to go Eric can't wait to see your pic in one of the T's you get from Eukanuba

Bev & Bailey said...

We know a good-looking dog when we see one!

Seriously, let us send you some Eukanuba swag! Send Elliott an email...

Josh said...

Hey brother -- I think your next post needs to be about your episode yesterday with the horse trailer . . . It may be therapeutic to write about it!