Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Should Have Been A Cowboy

There is nothing like swinging into the saddle early in the morning with an anxious horse underneath. Your cell phone is never going to ring, no homework is due, and I am at a feeling of total freedom.

Last weeks round up was a roaring success! We rode some of the prettiest country I have ever seen. The ranch is called 9 Mile Ranch and it is near Price Utah. My friend Ben is the owner, he's seventy. Ben and his son Leroy run just over a hundred mother cows. They also use their ranch in the summer for a place people can camp or have a family reunion.

This time of year it is just Cowboy stuff. The ranch borders some BLM land and they have a permit to run part of their herd on the southern slope of a mountain range all winter long. April 1st is time to bring the mother cows in.

It was sunny, then it rained, then it snowed. I love being a cowboy. After chasing cows all day I get that same feeling I get after spending the whole day hunting. Tired, but totally rejuvenated.


Ben G. said...

Although I've never rode a horse, it sounds like a lot of fun chasing after cows.

Lisa Lou said...

I still don't get spending your weekend on a horse. "F" words come out of my mouth. Way to save the old guy too. I hope he's ok. See you tomorrow at the Japaneses place!! Love ya Lisa

PS hey Emma text you yesterday, but she didn't tell you it was her. It was and she loves ya too!

Andrew Campbell said...

Nice job, Eric! And great pics. The snow takes some of the glamor out of working outside off a horse. Will get to ride some horses this weekend -- although with just a dog or two in front of me!

all best

Hollie said...

You should of been a cowboy. We love you for that. The pictures look really cold, but pretty country. Happy Easter. We love you.

jeff said...

I think it misconstrued to distinguish 'twixt definitions of this a cowboy, that a mountaineer. Once astride a horse, you're just where (and who) you belong to be. Let the flatlanders and womenfolk worry about labels. Keep them pix a-rollin' in.

Best regards,

The Morrison Fam said...

I am so proud!

Hannah Elizabeth said...

Eric! That sounds like so much fun! Riding horses is the BEST. You lucky dog, you! ;)

OH haha, PS, this is Hannah... y'know... twister... Amanda Thomas. Me in some sweet black tights. Shyeah. Haha!