Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hang Time!

Do you know the feeling you get between jumping and actually hitting the water? That is how I feel right now, and I can't sleep again!

Below are some random pics of my family's favorite rope swing. The last picture was a dare last fall...night swinging is the best!


Andy W. said...


Bloomington Lake? I'll be there this weekend. How about you?


Andy W. said...

Hey Eric,

The way I see it, is when you feel those butterflies when your falling, you can either let the fear take over and belly flop, or you can buck up, and prepare for that monster cannon ball. Hopefully, you are gearing up for the latter! Make a big splash cousin! Can't wait to go fishing with you next week.


Lauren said...

bloomington lake? what?! that water is frigid!! do you slide down the melting glacier that drips into it too?

i'm mostly teasing. but not really. it is freaking cold there

Eric G said...

Yes it is a titbit nipply!