Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today was one of those days that makes me want to pack my shiz and run away, to somewhere far from the reaches of cell coverage.

This morning my phone started ringing before my alarm clock went off and has yet to cease. Work was so busy I had to actually pass up a morning water ski trip with my Sister and Brother-in-law.

Now rather than continue to rack my mind with work, I'm day dreaming about where I might go to get out of cell service. Here are my top three choices (in no particular order).

My first choice is a remote back country spot on the North Slope of the Uinta Mountains. I've been going on summer fly fishing/ horse pack trips there since I was twelve.

My second choice would be a water skiing trip to Flaming Gorge. There is a little island, called King Fisher Island, that we boat out to and set up camp. Then we water ski next to a back drop of orange cliffs. At night we cook in the dutch ovens and sip Mountain Dew while we lounge in Coleman camp chairs.

My third choice would be a remote camp on Jackson Lake near the Tetons. My Sister's family and my Brother's family made this trip last year. They were kind enough to let their little brother tag along.

Where would you go to get out of cell coverage?

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