Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why Don't You Bake A Cake

My first love of summer 09' is slalom skiing, I'm far from good, but I thoroughly enjoy it. Saturday I headed out with some neighbor friends water skiing. The water was smooth, the air was warm, and there were plenty of smiles to go around.

I struggled a little bit my first ski of the year. I didn't get up on my first pull, or the second, but eventually my neighbor's mom yelled, "Why don't you just bake a cake while you are out there." That's all it took I was up and skiing.

Later in the day my friends mom said, "Eric, your turn to go again." At this point my arms and legs already seamed to be screaming, "too exhausted!" Mostly because of my pride I went again, I couldn't stand to hear her say those torturous words, "Why don't you just bake a cake!" Of course I got right up.

I've applied her words to a few other areas of my life this week and it works great. Every time I'm struggling to get up whether it be water skiing or some other event in life, I just picture my Neighbors mom yelling, "Why don't you just bake a cake!" Then my pride kicks in!

Here are some pics of an evening of water skiing with my sister and her family from last June!

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Lisa Lou said...

I think I will just bake a cake. That will be our new chant! How about that King Ski!! Love, Lisa