Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rain In Paradise

As the sun should have been setting last night, black billowy clouds rolled into paradise, and started to release life giving moisture. It's morning now and it is still pouring. Since today is my last day in paradise it fits my inner feelings perfectly.

John Steinbeck Writes, in "Travels With Charley", that a Journey is an individual with life.

I couldn't agree more. There is something about an adventure that is perfectly invigorating for my soul. An adventure is a creation of art that allows me to be creative and I decide how much color I want to add to the journey. Ultimately I decide what the journey looks like. I try to capture the journey in pictures, but for me the creation is burned deep inside me. Mishaps, differences in weather, tastes, and smells only sweeten the memories. For me the perfect journey is one with lots of unknowns and flexibility. Essentially I try to live a nice piece of art.

Now that I've written this down I feel much better and the rain stopped. I'm off to the beach to soak up the last drops of color!


Lisa Lou said...

Good post Eric. We miss yo and I think it is about time to have you home with us! I think the last day in Hawaii is so sad. Rain tops it off, but at least it never rains long there. Have a great last day and see you soon!! Love ya, Lisa

The Morrison Fam said...

Alright you little Hawaii are making me jealous!!! I think you need to take your funnest cousin along next time!!!

Scampwalker said...

Hey Eric... nice little site ya got here. Thanks for stopping by my own blog.


wandering owl said...

Awesome Hawaii posts! Pics are awesome! Rained on me a whole week when I was there.