Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Other Love!

I thoroughly enjoy the feel of water and sand encompassing my body as I fight to hold my breath, all while blowing air out of my nose to keep the salt water out of my brain.

I smile with happiness when a wave tumbles me like a washer machine.

I love laying down to bed after a long day of wave playing and having salt water drip like a drippy faucet out of my nose.

I judge the success of my adventure by how much sand I discover while cleaning my ears, weeks after my trip.


Lisa Lou said...

Eric those are awesome photos!! Did you take them with the new camera? The one of the sunset should be in a magazine. We miss you!! Love, Lisa

Anonymous said...

So this is what like the third post bragging about your whereabouts...jk jk...but seriously, I think I need a vacation! I miss the ocean!

Andy W. said...


You are a lucky man!