Thursday, May 14, 2009

Glad I Grew Up In America

What do you do with your best Chinese friend when he comes to America?

My friend Chen Zhong Xiao came to the USA from Taiwan for a little visit. I had three days to show him everything I thought he needed to see.

This is what we did!

The situation called for a road trip.

Jackson Hole (I guess Chinese people really like road signs!)

First Cowboy Hat!


Old Faithful!

West Yellowstone!

And we had to drive through Idaho to get to it all.

That is what I did with my best Chinese friend. What and where would you have gone?


Spencer said...

Holy crap buddy! I think you missed a road sign in there! Why didn't you swing by cali!!! Looks like you kids had fun. lol

Andy W. said...


Can't think of any places I'd rather be myself, but I'm biased. I think you did well.


Katie said...
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Lauren said...

whoops! i posted that comment under my goofy sister's username since she apparently was signed in already on this computer... guess i'll copy and paste this instead :)


you make idaho sound like the worst part! who are you?!

but you're right. i did thoroughly enjoy this. and your new D40's lens capabilities