Saturday, May 23, 2009

The End Of The World

We hiked to this lava outcropping that jets out into a deep, clear, and salty Pacific Ocean. The locals call it "The End Of The World".


Anonymous said...

um...pretty sure if this is the end of the world pretty sure the apocalypse can happen NOW!

Lisa Lou said...

hey that looks amazing. Make sure you mark it in the book so I can visit it in Oct. when I go with the Clawson's. Airfare was $377 last week to Kona. We did it. Guess who is getting married.......Rachel Leavitt got engaged Thurs. I was secretly hoping if Jessica doesn't work I would have loved Rachel to be my sis in law, but no longer. Have fun your last few days. Logan actually compares to Hawaii right now. It is beautiful.