Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Newest Addiction

As we drove home I told my friends, "I think I was born to be a Turkey Hunter. I can even gobble like them and they gobble back!"

My friend Landon quickly replied, "That is because you are a Turkey."

I am addicted to turkey hunting. The past few days might have been one of the most fun hunts I've ever been on, and I wasn't even hunting.

Thursday night was the highlight of the trip. Landon and I were hiking down an old abandoned logging road and every couple hundred yards we would do a hen call. Then we heard it, "gobble gobble." We immediately froze and ducked for cover. We hen called a few more times and the gobbler kept gobbling back, but he wasn't getting any closer. So I stayed put with the hen call and Landon put the sneak on the Gobbler. Every couple minutes I would hen call and the gobbler would gobble back, all the while Landon would sneak closer and closer. The whole event took about forty minutes, but finally the Gobbler decided to come in. He was strutting around and thought he was coming to get a new girl friend, but it was just us.

We saw a bunch of Turkeys over the three days. I even had a few Gobblers gobble back at me when I gobbled. I can't wait to put in for the turkey hunt next year.


Scolopax said...


Sounds like you have found your true calling!, ( really bad pun).
Congratulations. Great photos to.

Julian,(AKA Scolopax).

Hollie said...

You Turkey! Hey are you still doing your P90X, because you look thinner in those photos? You seriously live the life. Hunting, vacationing, hunting, vacationing...married life might be a rude awakening someday. You might want to think twice about it...ha, ha. Love ya regardless. Hollie

Ben G. said...

Sounds like you had a good time Eric. I was just out turkey hunting for the first time the last few days with no sucess, but I think I'm addicted too. We had countless Toms gobble back and saw a bunch of jakes and tryed to sneek up on a few toms.

wandering owl said...

Way to go! Looks like awesome country you get to traipse through.

Andy W. said...


I totally understand what you mean. Turkey hunting is one of the most exciting outdoor pursuits, and in the beautiful place where you pursued them, it must have been epic. Did you get a chance to wet a line while you were there? Ice out is one of the best times to fish alpine lakes.


Lisa Lou said...

Ok my boys are practicing there gobble, gobble. I know a song about the Great Big Turkey Down On Grandpa's Farm. I could sing it while you guys hunt. Love ya Eric!!